Cancellation & rescheduling policy
If you are unable to attend your scheduled training class, please read
The information on refunds, cancellation and rescheduling.

EnterOne Public Training Reschedule terms

If you are unable to attend your scheduled training class please contact your EnterOne sales representative or email sales@enterone.com or operations@enterone.com In order to receive a refund, you must cancel or reschedule your registration 15 or more calendar days before the start date of your scheduled class.

Failure to provide the required notification will result in a forfeit of payment. When rescheduling a student must enroll into a class being delivered within six months of the originally scheduled date or funds on account will be forfeited.

The courses listed below* incur a non-refundable lab reservation fee if the cancellation/rescheduling is not made 28 days prior to the start date of the scheduled class:*BGP, CCNA, CLACCM, CLCEI, CLCNF, DCMDS, DNAAS, ENARSI, ENCOR, ENWLSD, ENWLSI, CBRCOR, CBROPS, CSAU, DCAUI, DEVASC, DEVCOR, DEVIOT, DEVOPS, ENAUI, ENSDWI, SAUI, SPAUI, SSFAMP, SSFIPS, SSFRULES, SSFSNORT, SSNGFW, IBNTRN, INFND, MPLS, SASAA, SCOR, SDWFND, SECCLD, SECICC, SESA, SVPN, SWSA, VII, VWAAS

Please check with your sales representative for more information.

If a student does not attend a scheduled training class and fails to provide notification as described above; 100% of the training fees will be charged and no rescheduling will be allowed.

Private and Custom Training Cancellation/Rescheduling Terms

A customer who wishes to cancel or reschedule a private group training can do so with a notice of 20 business days before the originally scheduled class start date. 25% of the class charges will be applicable if a cancellation/reschedule is requested between 20 to 10 business days of the class start date. 100% of the class charges will be applicable if cancellation/reschedule is required with less than 10 business days of the class start date.

OEM Training Cancellation/Rescheduling Terms

If any student registered in an OEM delivered class (Cisco HTD, VMware EDU, Red Hat etc.) can request a cancellation/reschedule with minimum 20 days notice before the scheduled start date of class. Any cancellation/reschedule requested with less than 20 days will forfeit 100% of the training fee.

Partner Delivered Training Cancellation/Rescheduling Terms

A student can request to cancel or reschedule from a partner delivered class with a notice provided 15 days prior to the start date of class. Failure to provide proper notice will result in a forfeiture of 100% of the training fee.

eLearning Cancellation Terms

Once the eLearning course has been assigned to a learner, no cancellation/reassignment or refund is permitted.